Safety Rules and Waiver

Please click on the image below to download our Waiver and Indemnity as a PDF.


Centre Waiver and Safety Rules


Minimum age is 5

1. Only Two Footed Bouncing
2. Small Kids have Right of Way
3. NO Sitting on Wall Padding
4. NO Climbing on Walls or Padding
5. NO Wrestling or Rough Play
6. Always listen to the directions of Just Jump staff
7. NO Jewellery
8. No kicking the Hard Balls
9. NO Food or Drink on the equipment
10. NO Shoes – Bare Foot
11. NO Swearing
12. NO Sharp Objects in Pockets
(Car Keys, House Keys, etc.)
13. NO Double Bouncing
(Bouncing someone Higher)
14. No Jumping to the bars in the Parkour Area
15. No Chewing Gum

Disclaimer: Trampolines and Parkour are dangerous and you enter at your own risk. All people under the age of
18 MUST be supervised by a parent or guardian. Just Jump takes no responsibility for injuries caused within the Centre.

*You Have Been Warned*

Please contact us on 08 9306 3567 if you have any concerns or questions.

Trampoline and Parkour Safety is a top priority at Just Jump Perth. Please read through the rules and abide by them.

Always listen to staff, they will only ask you to stop something if it looks or is dangerous.