Competitive Dodgeball


Please contact us to register your interest. The start date is TBA.

(This is dependant of number of registered teams)


StartsĀ TBA runs until the round robin has finished. Matches only run for 10mins, your team should only be here approximately 1 hour.

How many

You need a minimum of 4 people and a max of 6. Must be 14+


You must register your team and it will cost $20

Weekly cost

Participation each week cost $20 per team, no matter the size


Teams encouraged to wear the same colour

Each player must have a current signed waiver

To register come in and see us or Email us at [email protected], registration form below

Trampoline Dodgeball will be one of the most fun activities you will play!

Dodgeball, Free Jump, and basketball arena
Dodgeball arena