Fitness 4 Adultz and Boxfit


To improve Cardio fitness, increase muscle tone, reduce stress and increase self confidence through learning the basics of trampolining.

This is an Aerobic/boxing class run on Trampolines, For more information call our personal trainers at Just Jump on 08 9306 3567

Please note: if over 120KG we require a medical certificate before participating.

Adult Fitness Times

6pm – 6:45pm Monday

5pm -5:45 pm Tuesday

10am -10:45 am Wednesday

6pm – 6:45pm Wednesday

10am – 10:45 am Thursday

5pm – 5:45pm – Mixed (fitness and boxing)

6pm – 6:45 pm Thursday

10am – 10:45am Friday

6pm – 6:45pm Friday

7pm – 7:45 pm Friday

BoxFit Times

5pm – 5:45pm Monday

6pm – 6:45pm Tuesday

9am – 9:45 am Wednesday

9am – 9:45 am Thursday

7pm – 7:45 pm Thursday

9am – 9:45 am Friday

NEW!! Adult Parkour Beginner – 7pm-8pm Wednesday

Class Size

10 People per session

Age Group


15 + Can participate if parents stay here while it happens.


$10 per Class.


Casual or as required, book to avoid disappointment


Workout clothing, preferable nothing loose and no jewellery, Bring a heart rate monitor if you have one.

Bring a Towel, Water Bottle and Runners.


Trampoline Boxfit and adult fitness classes run at Just Jump Perth, WA. Have fun while getting fit!