Adult Fitness/Boxfit classes

Adult Fitness/Boxing Classes


To improve Cardio fitness, increase muscle tone, reduce stress and increase self confidence.

This is an Aerobic/boxing class , For more information call our personal trainers at Just Jump on 08 9306 3567

Please note: if over 120KG we require a medical certificate before participating.

Adult Instructed Class Times

These classes are run by a qualified group fitness instructor. The class has both cardio and boxing in them. You can show up to the class late and leave early if need be.

5pm – 6:30pm Monday

Adult Parkour Beginner – 7pm-8pm Monday

5pm – 6:30pm Tuesday

6pm – 7:30pm Wednesday

Adult Parkour Beginner – 7pm-8pm Wednesday

5pm – 6pm -Thursday

6pm – 7pm Thursday

Self Paced Set Classes

There are 7 different workout schedules to choose from. They should take around 45 mins to complete at your own pace. All the equipment is available to you and you can start and finish them during the allocated times below. the cost is $10 per session. We are looking at adding a gaming type set up to run you through boxing.

9am – 12pm Wednesday

9am – 12pm Thursday

9am – 12pm Friday

Class Size

8 People per session

Age Group


15 + Can participate if parents stay here while it happens.


$10 per Class.


Casual or as required, book to avoid disappointment


Workout clothing, preferable nothing loose and no jewellery, Bring a heart rate monitor if you have one.

Bring a Towel, Water Bottle and Runners.

Boxfit and adult fitness classes run at Just Jump Perth, WA. Have fun while getting fit!