Just Jump is an indoor trampoline/jumping centre with heaps of fun jumping activities for the whole family. Bookings are essential as we will only have a limited number of positions per hour. Walk in’s will only be able to beimage3 accommodated if there are free places.

Free Jump Area

– This area is approximately 100 square metre’s and comprises of six large trampolines connected together with ends that are angle up to allow for an extra dimension of jumping.

– This trampoline area allows people to jump with in 1 metre of people without causing double bouncing.

– We play dodgeball and basketball in this area as well.

Foam Pit

– This area has three 6 metre long trampolines that finish with a 18 square metre foam pit.

– At anyone time 3 people can be in the foam pit and 3 on the trampolines waiting to enter.

– We are adding another fixed foam pit (by the end of March 2016)

Parkour Playground

– This area has bars, boxes, monkey bars and foam mats. The kids love to climb, jump, swing and just be kids will love this.

– We also have an air trick mat in this section, it is a big hit with anyone that wants to try their tricks.

– We also have a tunnel slide fort for the younger kids, our slides are very fast.

Chill out zone

– This zone has an industrial feel to it , this is where spectators and people that need to rest during their session sit.

– There is a floor level section and a raised mezzanine section.

– There is a TV to keep parents entertained while the kids jump, this is only if you don’t want to join them.

Kids Corner

– The kids corner is located on the ground floor and will be designed to cater for multiple ages.

– There is a TV playing children programs to keep them amused as well.

Birthday Parties

– Any age birthday parties will be available. Please Click Here for more information.


– The cafe has cool drink, Coffee, Snacks, Ben and Jerry’s Icecream, Slushies and prepackaged food.

Just Jump is an indoor trampoline and Parkour center with heaps of other fun activities for the whole family.