Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties with Just Jump!

We No Longer have Trampolines

We guarantee your kids will be talking about their birthday party at Just Jump until their next birthday!

Your kids will be entertained with  activities prior to eating.

Activities are: Nerf Gun fight, Dodgeball and Parkour followed by Freetime

Children are not allowed back on the equipment once their dedicated time is up.

Please note that we don’t supply lolly bags or cakes. But we can help with plates, forks, invitations, lighters, knives and all the cleaning and setup. If you’re unsure please contact us and we will be able to assist.

We don’t cater, but recommend Hungry Little Monsters if you would like assistance.

Please note that the minimum for hosted birthday parties is now 15 participants. 

Contact us if you are looking for a fun and entertaining kid’s birthday party – [email protected] or 08 93063567 all parties can be booked in over the phone using a credit card, so you don’t even need to come and see us if you’re to busy.

Please read our Birthday party information below, All  birthday parties must be booked in.

NERF Gun Birthday Parties 2019

Parkour Hosted Birthday Party Information 2019

Unhosted Birthday Party information 2019

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